Up-and-Coming Cookie Baker in Montreal

by JG

Yesterday a friend of mine swung by my house to pick up a parcel that was delivered to my house. We hadn’t spoken in a while, so we just stood at my doorway and caught up for a bit. We talked about school, work for the summer, and the usual stuff. And then he mentioned to me that he had re-started a business he began when he was much younger, a cookie-making business, called Yo’ Dough Cookies. I had seen the Facebook page pop up on my newsfeed, but wasn’t really sure why many of my friends had started to “like” this seemingly random page.

When I found out that my friend was behind it, I was very impressed. I had practically salivated over the pictures of some of his creations and the descriptions of others on his site (click “signature cookies”). We spoke briefly about his intentions with the company, and he mentioned that he wanted to get the word out. As a friend of his who happens to LOVE food (ask anyone that’s ever eaten with me, or known me both before I weighed under 180 and over 220 lbs), I felt it was my duty to help get the word out.

This is not a paid advertisement, or even something he asked me to do. I’m doing it because after he gave me a sample of one of his creations, called “The Original” (pictured above), I knew that more people needed to know about this. Whether you own a business, are hosting an event, or even are just plain hungry, then you should definitely contact him. I know I will be, the S’mores cookie sounds amazing.

You can e-mail him at Yo@YoDoughCookies.com, or call him at (514) 794-6666.