Who Wants to ‘Roo?

by JG

When I first noticed the lineup for Bonnaroo this year, I thought about how great it would be to actually make the trip from my home in Montreal, QC down to Manchester, TN for the 4-day music and arts festival. Only about 20 hours of driving! Unfortunately, four of my friends had already made plans to go, and booked an RV to transport them down south, and there was no room for me.

I decided to look for some other friends to join me for the long trip (at the very least, acquaintances to share gas money). Found a few interested, and figured, as an editor for The Concordian, a school paper at Concordia (my school), I’d apply for a press pass as well. It looked like a good idea, and I promptly forgot I even applied. The application (part of it at least) looked like this…

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And then today… I got this e-mail. (Click to enlarge).

Ecstatic, I started telling some friends. Sounds like the perfect scenario right? Not only do I get a free ticket to the festival, but I get press access as well. Seems like there’d be no possible drawbacks, right? Wrong. It appears that due to some terribly inconvenient exam and assignment due dates for summer courses, the friend who was originally planning on driving could no longer do so.

So I guess I’m just writing this to kind of say… who’s up for joining me for the best weekend of our young lives?