Re-Introducing: The Jamalge Network

by JG

I think I've had the same cake every year since I was three...

It feels like I’ve written this same post far too often. The post about how everything’s going to be different; new blog, new theme, regular posting, etc. Usually I just write the post, make new promises, keep it up for a few days, and then just give up. This time it’ll be different.

Why? I honestly have no idea. Starting today though, I’ll be running, and consistently updating not one, but three blogs.

One blog I’ll be running will focus on Advertising and the Marketing industry as a whole. The blog is called Awesome Possum Advertising, and I will be posting videos of ads I like, as well as covering various marketing campaigns and other industry news.

I’ve been running the second one, Highway 35, for almost three years. It will now be as it has been for the last few months; almost zero writing. I’ll be posting mostly videos, but also pictures and other interesting things I find from around the web. All non-original content will be properly credited.

My main one, Jamalge, which you are currently reading now, will be where I do the most (if not, virtually all) of my writing. It will cover a wide range of topics (as the tagline says “everything from politics to pop culture”), and I’ll be trying to write as often as possible, potentially even on a daily basis.

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I’ve got a lot of stuff brewing, hope you enjoy it all.