Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow (Part II)

by JG

That handsome gentleman you see in the picture above is none other than myself, circa 2008. It was taken during the first snowfall of the year, when enough snow was on the ground that I could make a snowball and toss it to the invisble man who lives across the street from me. I’m not crazy or anything, but there was no one else to toss it at. Besides, he was being rude. Okay now I’m really beginning to sound crazy, so I’ll move on.

That picture was taken so long ago, that a lot seems to have changed in my life. I moved into the basement (I still live at home), I transferred CEGEPs and graduated, and I began my studies at Concordia University. This picture was taken days before I began a short-lived relationship with my then girlfriend, a fact I nerdingly remember because it was also days before the 2008 Presidential Election. I could sit here now and right a lengthy post about how the world has changed since Barack Obama was elected, but that’s not what I’m here to do. You politicos will be able to deduce, after having read this paragraph, that this picture must have been taken sometime in early November or late October of that year. In fact, it was taken on October 28th.

Why is that strange?

As you read this post, it’s already November 16th and yet not a single snowflake has stayed on the ground for more than a few minutes. Three years ago, when the above snowfall was first noticed, I was so moved I wrote a post saying how excited I was for winter, and how it was one of my favourite seasons. I spoke of my love for shinny (outdoor, pad-less ice hockey) and winter traditions that began with my father. I even included quite possibly one of the worst analogies I’ve ever written: (“[I love winter], sure it’s wet, freezing, and dark, but so are fudgsicles, and those are amazing.) That post was written before I discovered my love for Quinzhees (essentially, an igloo made out of a hollowed-out pile of snow), but since, my annual desire to build one has constantly failed due to poor timing and bad weather. Yet ANOTHER reason while I’m eagerly anticipating the first snowfall.

So where’s our snow? I’m not a meteorologist and thus can’t accurately predict a snowfall (neither can they… zing!), but surely one must be coming soon. I cannot wait until that day comes, and maybe, neither can you. Even if it’ll likely take until at least January to play shinny or build a quinzhee, winter must be coming. Would this guy really lie to us?