Have No Self-Control? Try SelfControl

by JG

I know, I know, the headline is a bit odd. I mean, it even confuses me, and I wrote it.

Many of the people who know me personally are likely in the same situation as me; that of the end of semester blues. When the work begins to pile up and exams are quickly approaching, it becomes difficult for many students to simply sit down and focus on work. I am currently being affected by this, which is one of the main reasons that I’ve neglected this blog. I’m back now though, to tell you about SelfControl.

SelfControl is an app for Mac OS X that gives you what you lack, self-control. You add certain websites you frequent (Facebook, YouTube, etc.), set a time, and click start. No matter what you do after you hit start, you will be prevented from visiting those sites until the time runs out. Literally, no matter what you do. You can uninstall, delete the program, re-start your computer, anything. You make this decision, you’re stuck with it.

Which is what makes SelfControl so awesome. You can add in sites you may have forgotten while the timer is still running, but you can’t remove sites, which would defeat the whole purpose. To download it, and basically, to get any work done, click here.

Enjoy, and you’re welcome.

What sites are you adding to your blacklist? Let us (well, me) know by commenting below. Also, if you know of a Windows program that performs a similar function, mention it in the comments below.