My Upper Lip Is Clean!

by JG

The lack of a smile is to show the moustache in its full glory

Obviously, this picture does not go with the title. This is a picture of me minutes after midnight, after a month of Movember moustache growing. In the 30 days that I let it grow, I was extremely busy with schoolwork, and let the whole point of Movember fall by the wayside. I tried some last minute campaigning, but was only raise $290. That is definitely not to say I am dissapointed, and I am extremely thankful to all those who donated. I suppose if I had started my push a little bit earlier in the month, I could’ve raised more, but that’s my own fault.

(One cool thing about the campaign is that Brian Cushing, one of my favourite football players, retweeted my link to donate. 12 people then retweeted him, but unfortunately this resulted in no additional donations. Still, it was pretty cool of him to do).

When the clock strick midnight last night, I eagerly got up and walked over to the bathroom to shave that disgusting thing off my face. I kept it on for a month for a good reason, but the month was up, and it was time for it to go. I actually had to use my electric razor for the first time since I shaved my head in July, it was that bad.

And just like that, my upper lip was clean again.
And yes, that is Dwight Schrute staring at you right now.