How Secure Is Your Password?

by JG

Most people don’t have secure passwords. I personally know people who have actually used “password” as their password, which seems to defy all logic. The fact is, even a person can’t guess your password (though, not to be confusing again, but “password” is usually someone’s first guess), a computer can. Go ahead, head over to HowSecureIsMyPassword, and try typing in your password and see what comes up.

Depending on what you typed in, a number of varying warnings could pop up, explaining why your password is/is not secure. The longer and more complex it is, the more secure. If you get something that seems too low (10 days, pictured above, is mine), then change it. Try typing in random things until you find a more secure password, or simply head over to their sister site, MakeMeAPassword. Once there, you can choose to include spaces, numbers, or even symbols. This site doesn’t just randomly generate a combination of letters and numbers though, it gives you passwords that will actually be easy to remember. Some of my favourites include “ImmunocompromisedPalm-tree” (38 nonillion years), CyclingCornucopia (18 trillion years), and TypesetPanamanians (979 trillion years).

So I hope between these two sites you finally found yourself a new password. Mine went from a computer needing 10 days to needing 13 trillion years, so um, I guess that’s kind of cool.