by JG

A while back, when I was still writing on Highway 35 (now branded as The Vault), I found this amazing lacrosse bag on the internet. I wanted it so badly, and thought it was so great, that I decided to just post on my blog about it, under a new category called “Buyer’s Guide”. The aim of this new category was to write about items I thought were awesome/purchase-worthy, in the vain of Uncrate.

While perusing the FutureShop catalogue that came with today’s newspaper, I instantly noticed something that I not only wanted, but something I wanted to tell everyone about. So for the inaugural Jamalge version of “Buyer’s Guide”, I present to you this box set of “The Wire”.

Regularly priced at closer to $300 in stores, FutureShop has dropped the price to $109.99. Even better? Amazon is selling it for $94.49. The sale only lasts until January 5th at FutureShop, while the Amazon pricing is “until supllies last”, so make sure you grab it soon. For more about the show and some of the things that make it so awesome, check out the Wikipedia entry. And if you would like to gift it to me, I will most certainly not object. Happy Holidays!

Box Set Includes:

  • All 60 episodes on 23 discs
  • Bonus features from all five seasons, including audio commentaries by cast and crew
  • Three prequels explore life before The Wire
  • Never-before-seen gag reel

If you see any other great online deals, you can post them here. (If they’re Canadian prices/websites, I’ll appreciate it even more).