Tebow Time?

by samuelfinnen

When it comes to college football, I am a fervent supporter of the University of Texas. It should be obvious then, that as an obvious Colt McCoy supporter, I’m not a fan of one Tim Tebow. While I generally dislike the SEC simply on principal, there is something about number 15 that just rubs me the wrong way. Maybe it’s just that his bright-eyed Christian good-ol’ boy persona contrasts so much with myself. In any case, while it was virtually impossible to not hear Tebow’s name mentioned during his Florida days, once he was drafted he sort of fell off the radar, just like Quinn and Clausen (I also have a bit of hate-on for Notre Dame, but we can talk about that some other time.) Aside from the occasional Josh McDaniels drama last year, I enjoyed a relatively Tebow-free season of football last year. It’s a lot easier to simply ignore someone rather than actively disliking them.

And then it happened. Tebow starts the second half of the the Broncos week 5 loss to the Chargers, and the league hasn’t been the same since: 6-1 as a starter. Tebow-ing. Tebow Time. Meanwhile, my boy Colt languishes in Cleveland.The more I think about it, the more I realize that while I disliked Tebow in Florida because he won so damn much, at this point I think I dislike Tebow fans even more. Everywhere NFL site I go to, every sports program I watch, Tebow-time invariably pops up, and its wearing on my last nerve. So, I feel like I need to get this off my chest:

Fuck Tim Tebow.

Ahh, that feels much better. But seriously, really you guys? Why all the love? Straight-up Bronco fans are one thing, but Tebow hasn’t all of a sudden silenced all the critics: Denver is still an average team with a below average quarterback in every respect except for his physical stature (even I realize that Tebow is an absolute bear of a man.) Ekeing out wins over the likes of Miami and Kansas City barely makes one a serviceable quarterback, much less one deserving of as hype as Tebow gets. His passing stats are generally atrocious, and if you watched Sunday’s game you know that a lot of his success is owed to his receivers getting unforgivably open down field.

And another thing, the Jets-Broncos game a few weeks ago was one of the worst football games I have seen all season, and yet Tebow somehow came out of it a saviour for finally getting his shit together by the dying minutes of the game. This is not exciting football! Watching Tim Tebow play is like watching soft-core porn: you have to suffer through a seemingly endless amount of boring, poorly executed crap just to see some extended amount of competency (or, as the metaphor were, partial nudity). Unless he somehow figures out how to throw the ball accurately and consistently, Tim Tebow is not a long-term prospect for either the Broncos or the NFL hype machine.

Hopefully this Tebow fascintation doesn’t last too long- just long enough for me to get to see Patrick Willis or NaVarro Bowman introduce themselves.