Twitter Introduces Major Design Changes

by JG

Announced today, Twitter will begin rolling out some major changes on both its web and mobile platform over the next little while. Hit the jump for some pics of what the new Twitter will look like, as well as some short analysis.

Under the new designs, the home page will look something like this. Nothing too drastic, but it does look a little cleaner than the old one. I’m not too sure how many people use the web version of Twitter (as opposed to mobile or services like TweetDeck), but this new, simpler design should increase the number a little a bit. We’re also told that now “Tweets can now expand to show more information such as replies, retweets and embedded photos and videos”. They already do that more or less, but the new method seems to be a lot smoother.

The hashtag and interests aspect of the new design also look to be extremely interesting. Depending on who you follow, what you’re interested in, and where you’re located, the “discover” aspect of the new Twitter looks to be another big step. If the pic above is any indication, the popularity of certain hashtags look to be graphically displayed on a a map. That looks like it could be a great feature, especially if it extends to beyond the United States. As a Canadian, that hope is especially strong. Twitter is also making the discovery on new accounts or topics that could interest you way more simple to keep up with. It seems that with the new design Twitter is preaching, as it should, simplicity.

If you scroll back up to the first graphic, you’ll notice possibly the most important aspect of Twitter, the writing of Tweets themselves, is now a lot easier too. As opposed to the old design, when you needed to switch between the “Home” and “Profile” tabs, the new design makes it a lot easier to just express your thoughts at a moment’s notice. Another great feature is the new ability to embed Tweets right onto your website or blog. As opposed to simply linking to them or posting screenshots, these new embedded Tweets are actually interactive. You can reply, retweet, favourite, and more right from the website or blog you find it. As an avid Tweeter I’m especially excited for this one, even though the RSS feeds for all three Jamalge-related Twitter accounts are already displayed here. For more on the embeddable aspect, check out Mashable’s review of it.

Though the design is not fully available to the public just yet, owners of both iPhone and Android devices can get an early look. Seems unfair to BlackBerry users like myself, but oh well. Apparently a mobile download also enables you to have early access to the updated computer version, but seeing as how I have neither of these phones, I’ll have to leave it up to my readers to let me know if the new design is really all it’s cracked up to be. As usual, I’m always looking to make this blog more interactive, so please express your opinions in the comments section below. If you’re already using the new design, I would love to hear your opinion as well.


For more on the new Twitter, check out the official site.