The Next Big Step for Jamalge

by JG

Yesterday, I announced a new feature for the blog and released a teaser video. Today, I’m announcing something else new.

Even though I know almost nothing about it, tomorrow I’m going to take the leap into the uncharted (for me) territory of webhosting. Tomorrow is the day I try and begin the transformation from to Doing so will allow me to vastly improve the layout and functionality of the blog, though unfortunately, the quality of my writing won’t also be changing.

My  current webhosting knowledge is limited to what I’ve been able to learn from a few sections of WordPress for Dummies. Sadly, that is not a joke. I think I might have a basic idea of how to make the switch, and “basic” will have to be good enough. Tomorrow’s the day I lay down the cash and take the next big step for Jamalge.

While I’m pretty ready to do it tomorrow, I still need some advice from all you experts out there. The “For Dummies” book reccomends separating your domain registrar from your webhost, something I think I’ll do. Good idea? Bad idea? Let me know. I’m also still not 100% on which host/registrar to even use. I’ve used Netfirms in the past to register a domain to use as a redirect, but that’s about all my current experience there. As for a host, I’m looking for one that works well with WordPress, making the transition that much easier for me. It looks like Bluehost might be where I go, but I’m open to any other suggestions. WordPress is kind enough to offer a list of some good ones.

If you have any experience using those, or any other hosts/registrars, then I want to know about it. ESPECIALLY if you’ve done so with a WordPress blog. I’m not expecting to make this blog HUGE, so the basic packages should be good enough.

Please help me by commenting below with any advice you may have. Thanks!

Wednesday, 2:30pm EST Update: I’ve chosen/purchased the domain name (from Netfirms) and the host (GoDaddy). I’m still setting up the new blog, so stay tuned!